Big Name!

“Revolution” is defined as:

 an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established organization.

The word, then, simply put, is a pretty big word to use in relationship to an institution, such as the Christian church, which has been around for centuries. It isn’t as though we think we are really “overthrowing” the church, in fact we love the church. So why use a name like “revolution,” then? The answer is that we aren’t trying to “overthrow” the church, but rather the “idea of church” that some people have.

For ages it seems now the Church has been thought of as a building where people who wear suits, drive nice cars, make a certain amount of money, and avoid certain activities and cultural elements gather. This unfortunate stereotype has nestled itself alongside the word “church” and become synonymous with it. In contrast to this “idea,” however, the Bible views the church as a group of Christians who love one another, and strive to follow Jesus (even if imperfectly). While this definition of the church isn’t really new or revolutionary, in fact it’s thoroughly old, it will appear revolutionary to many in the modern culture.

We are the church gathered together to love one another, love our cities, and follow Jesus. In a day and age where being a Christians can sometimes be confused with hating Harry Potter and owning a rack full of ties, this is revolutionary. We are a church that tries not to confuse those things. If you want to be a “Revolutionary” too, then be sure to join us this fall in Portsmouth for our first official church launch (more details forthcoming)!


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