All We Can Do Is Fail…Right?

 “All we can do is fail, right?”

This short concise phrase fast became common place at dinner tables, coffee houses, and in people’s living rooms, anywhere a group of us would gather to discuss the idea of some sort of service/gathering/meeting geared towards a younger generation of people. a group of people that all the statistics say are the least likely to attend church (18-35 year olds). a group of people who if asked to candidly speak on their feelings about church are likely to respond with some reference to hypocrisy, bigotry, or legalism. so my question is this. what is a successful ministry? is there a measure of success or failure in how effectively we are able to share the gospel and Love of Jesus Christ with people who are unchurched/dechurched? or how well we are able to equip those who have chosen to follow Him? i would submit that if we sought to quantify our successes or failures in this endeavor based on some quota or head count that we would fall victim to one of the many traps that has besieged the modern church as we know it.


So, as we continue to move forward with Revolution, and our first meeting is now well within site on the horizon (Aug 31), i pray, and urge you all to continue to pray for this ministry. pray that those of us involved with this ministry will not get caught up in head counts and how perfect our music is played, but that we will continue to lean on the Lord our God for council, comfort, and direction as we attempt to bring His name honor and glory in our little corner of the world. we would be remiss to think that there will not come a time where we will be either discouraged or impressed by the number of people who show up, how good our band sounds, or how cool our service is, after all we are human, and “all we can do is fail” from time to time. God however, is perfect, and it is for His name and His glory that we press onward in this journey.


by Justin Clark, Leadership of Revolution


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