A Tree Grows in Walton Hills

Let’s be real for a moment – with Revolution’s launch date of August 31st fast approaching – do we truly believe that a little “movement” in a small backwater Ohio town on an August day can have any real affect on the wider world? Ask the people of Walton Hills, Ohio (population 2,400).

In that tiny town, on a steamy Thursday, August 14, 2003, at precisely 2:02 pm, a momentary breeze so light and faint as to be almost-imperceptible caused a handful of tree tops to rustle ever-so-slightly. In that fleeting instant, a single branch from one lone tree came into contact with a 345 kilovolt power line. This seemingly insignificant event unleashed a chain reaction that affected major urban areas from Cleveland to New York, from Detroit to Buffalo, from Toronto to Baltimore, to everything in-between.

This was the beginning of the massive “Northeast Blackout of 2003” – the largest blackout in North American history. In total, 40 million people in eight U.S. states (nearly one-seventh of our total population) and 10 million people in Canada (about one-third of its population) were directly affected, and the rest of the country (& even the world) took notice. The tiniest of movements by one fragile branch on a solitary tree in a tiny Ohio town had captured the attention of the entire world.

There’s no reason why our tiny “movement” in a remote Ohio town on an average August day can’t also spark something that will resound beyond the borders of Ohio, or perhaps even the borders of the U.S. We may only be a single, fragile branch, but we are attached to the “One True Vine” (John 15:5). If we remain faithful – and the Spirit blows even slightly – there’s no telling what God may do.

Let the Revolution begin!

by Eron Elswick, Leadership of Revolution


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