Are Those Tattoos!

When you walk through the doors at Revolution what should you expect? That’s a fair question. The deal is this: you’ll see people that look different. Some of us are tatted, some of us are a little yuppie, and some of us are both. The point is we don’t change our outward appearance, we are who we are, tats, black shirts, popped collars, cool t-shirts, spiked hair, no hair. It doesn’t matter. We don’t want to put on a face. We want to be real. The atmosphere will also be more of a hodgepodge of all of our influences from the culture. Yes that’s right we are going to incorporate culture into our worship. So you might hear a little Metallica rift, or maybe something “switchfooty.” Please understand that it’s not because we think that’s what you want. We want to be legitimate and authentic, and we genuinely rock out (worship) to this. We will also be throwing some different videos that coincide with the message, not always, just when we find a good one. Why such a push to bring culture into a “church” setting? The world is a confused place where things aren’t nice and neat. Life is just messy, our culture reflects that mess. I mean honestly “A shot at love with Tila Tequila” I’ve seen three episodes and am still wondering how that works? Short and sweet, our goal is to show how relevant Jesus is to culture today. We are not trying to make Jesus relevant, He already is. We just need to represent and live his message in a way we can all understand. So stay tuned in for more info on where the ride starts and how you can get plugged in…

Ryan Rolfe, Worship Leader


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