We Need Help, but…

Help. We need help. All are welcome. Right? Well, yes, with a catch, sort of. Now hold on, this is going to get weird….

 Let’s imagine for a second I had four hands and no feet. Crazy right? I mean, after all, how would someone with four hands and no feet walk anywhere? Run?? Yeah right.(not that I do that anyway, but you get the point) One who found themselves in this conundrum would no doubt be severely limited in their mobility. Likewise, someone with four feet and no hands sounds just as ridiculous and presents just as many if not more challenges. Just imagine eating with your feet, exactly… So clearly, we have been given two hands and two feet to serve distinctly different and quite specific purposes in our every day lives.


Now let’s look at something else for a second. It is not uncommon for the church (the people not the building) to be referred to as the body of Christ. As we move forward in our efforts to plant a church (a group of people longing to share the gospel) in Portsmouth, OH, it is imperative that we not have four feet and no hands or vice a versa. What am I talking about? I told you this would get weird, but hold on, I’m going to try and bring it home soon.

 As we go forward and people are looking for a place to serve in Revolution, where they can become the actual hands and feet in our Body, taking the gospel to our city, it is absolutely crucial that someone who is a foot, isn’t trying to be a hand. What I mean is this, the bible is very clear that we are all wired differently, some of us are feet, some are hands, some are eyes, ears, etc. The bible calls these different things spiritual gifts. We all have them, and often, we have a few. The beauty of spiritual gifts are that while I may be gifted in one area, you may have an entirely different set of gifts that allows you to serve others and reach people in a way I can not. That is what makes the body effective, is having multiple parts that are created to do different tasks all working together in a common effort. This is how we as humans work. I use my eyes and ears for various sensory perceptions and then my hands and feet perform motor skills based on the information I have collected. It really is genius!! So why then, if we are the body of Christ, should we not function the same way?

 If you are interested in finding out what your gifts are and how you can help serve the Kingdom more effectively, let me point you to a simple online test where your gifts can be assessed. From there, just stay tuned to your email and the blog for places you can plug in at Revolution and begin to be the hands and feet of our body here in Portsmouth.

 Spiritual Gifts Assessment Online


 Justin Clark, Revolution Leadership Team


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