The 10 Marks of a Revolution Member

Okay, I covered what I hope will be the 9 Marks of Revolution but what do the leaders expect from the members? Following Thabiti M. Anyabwile’s book “What Is A Healthy Church Member”? I at least hope for the following:

1) A Revolution member should be an expositional listener. What does that mean? Anyabwile defines expositional listening as “listening for the meaning of a passage of Scripture and accepting that meaning as the main idea to be grasped for our personal and corporate lives as Christians.”

2) A Revolution member should be a healthy biblical theologian. In order to do that a Revolution member must “know God’s macro story of redemption.” In other words, a Revolution member must know the overall inspired story from Genesis to Revelation. Dave Dunham and I will kick off our preaching series by covering that story before digging into the Gospel of John in January.

3) A Revolution member should be Gospel saturated. Revolution members must know the Gospel. So, they should be able to tell someone the Gospel in a minute or less. Here is my shot: God is perfect and we were created as His masterpiece but rebelled against Him nonetheless. This is the ultimate evil and, as such, deserves the ultimate punishment of death and hell but, for those who repent and place their trust and loyalty in King Jesus, our punishment will be taken by our King who will even bestow his perfect standing before God to us so that we might be reconciled to God, live a life worth living and exist forever in heaven. Revolution members should know the Gospel, desire to hear it, live in its shadow and proclaim it to all.

4) A Revolution member should be genuinely converted. In other words, they must be genuinely convicted of their sin, turn from it and rely on King Jesus for salvation.

5) A Revolution member should be a Biblical evangelist. That is, they should faithfully share the Gospel (of Good News) with all its “rough edges” with the people God places in contact with them (1 Cor. 4:1-2) while understanding that all conversion is truly the work of God through us not by us.

6) A Revolution member should be a committed member. Hebrews 13:17 makes it clear that Christians are to submit to the leadership God has put in place. This presupposes that people actually show up and become members in order to submit. Thus, a Revolution member should attend regularly, seek peace with others, edify their brothers and sisters as well as warn and admonish them when necessary. Moreover, they should bear with each others (even those with stanky breath and nasty personalities) and support the work of the ministry both through prayer and sacrificial but cheerful giving.

7) A Revolution member should seek discipline. It is how we grow and although it is never a rockin’ good time to be told you are in the wrong, Holy Scripture teaches that only a moron despises discipline (Proverbs 1:7). Look at it this way, no one just goes out and runs a marathon, they have to train and discipline is a part of that training so that we may be good soldiers for King Jesus.

8 ) A Revolution member should be a growing disciple. Hebrews 5-6 and makes it clear that a true Christian is one that grows in holiness thanks to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Want to know if you are truly saved? Have you grown at all? Don’t get me wrong, you will take some junk to your grave but a Christian should grow. A saved Christian should be able to paraphrase John Newton and say “I am not what I should be. I am not what I will be but by the grace of God…I am not what I was!”

9) A Revolution member should be a humble follower. In other words, know it alls who just want attention go can somewhere else. A Revolution member should honor the leaders (1 Tim. 5:17) by opening their hearts to them (2 Cor. 6:11-13) so that they may learn and grow with the wonderful assistance of the Spirit.

10) A Revolution member should be a prayer warrior. Even Jesus had to withdraw often and pray…sometimes all night! I just returned from The Call where I prayed for 6 hours straight and was humbled that when I left there were Christians younger than I still praying. All of our prayer lives could use work but work on them we must (Isa. 56:7). Every Revolution member will be expected to pray daily to our God.

You may object that these are pretty high expectations…yep! My bros and sisters, please remember that this is a war and there is no room for cowards or conscientious objectors. At Revolution, we will expect you to stand up or stand aside.

Remember that Jesus left his throne to live among us. He taught us. He died for us. He rose to give us hope and he will come again.

Revolution: One people loyal to the one true king.

by Matt Rawlings, Pastor of Revolution


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