What’s Your Dream?

On my way home from working on the lighting for revolution I caught several interviews on ESPN radio about the death of Gene Upshaw, former Hall of Fame football player and Players’ Union executive.  People were throwing around all his accolades and accomplishments, but after several interviews the same things were missing in all of them. I certainly didn’t know Gene Upshaw, but those who did always referenced his career. All the accolades were about Gene the player or the exec. Those comments made me think of myself a couple years ago. My goals were to have a career making $100,000, have a huge house, boat, vintage hot rod, and throw some kids and a dog in there too. At some point it hits you though, that stuff means nothing, and usually costs you everything that’s important. You sacrifice relationships with you family, friends, and sometimes God.  That’s the culture’s standards of happiness and fulfillment. I can guarantee there is no fulfillment in the “American dream.” Listening to all these “nice” references to Upshaw just cemented that fact. If for some strange reason people outside of my friends and family were to know of me, I wouldn’t want it to be because somehow I became a rich business man, or I was a famous guitar player. What if people said “hey that guy was part of the revolution” or “I saw him feed a homeless guy.” “Wasn’t he one of those guys that helped start a place to get people of the streets.” “Those people really changed this city.”  Those are the things that can have eternal ramifications. What are your dreams and ambitions? Who defines happiness for you? It’s easy to believe in culture, it takes faith to believe in something more.   

By Ryan Rolfe, Worship Leader and Revolution Leadership Team Member.


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