Two Fisted Approach to Storming the Gates of Hell

In another attempt to explain RevolutionI will steal a phrase from Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church who uses the “two fist” example to describe his church.   The idea is that everyone approaches ministry with two fists with beliefs in one hand and methods in another.  The breakdown is as follows:

Fundamentalists keep both fists closed.  They see that both their core beliefs (i.e., theology, doctrine, etc.) and their methods (hymns, pulpit, dress code, Sunday evening services, etc.) as absolutely necessary.

Liberals keep both fists open.  They are prone to altar their core beliefs in order to avoid offending the culture at large and they are normally (though not always) willing to play with their methods (i.e., drama or an interfaith dialogue instead of a sermon, etc.).

Missional churches keep one fist open and one closed. They contend for THE Gospel once and for all delivered to the church (Jude 3) but tailor their methods to contextualize the Gospel so that it is easily understood by those enveloped by the culture at large (1 Cor. 9:19-23).

Perhaps the best way to put it is this, the leadership team at Revolution has asked, “If we were missionaries dropped into southern Ohio by plane and charged with sharing the Gospel to the natives, what would that look like in 2008?” 

Sound like a challenge you’re up to? Join the Revolution which kicks off this Sunday at 7pm at the Old PHS gym on Waller Street in Portsmouth.  Look for the banner.


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