Setting the Bar…

I feel like it is appropriate to set the bar for expectations with everyone. We as a group set forth on this journey many months ago, our goal, was simple, to provide a place where people who were either unchurched or dechurched could come and hear the truth of the story of Jesus, the gospel. Along the way, our final product has morphed, grown, shifted, through prayer and at times, physical barriers that were put in our path. First we had to decide what it would “look” like, once that was settled, we needed a place. We went months, chasing lead after possible lead. We exhausted nearly every possible scenario we could think of. Just in the nick of time, we though we had a place, at the very last moment, as we were crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s and preparing to tell the world, our request was denied. Again we were in essence homeless. Without a place to gather. I had been the one, who had been saying since the beginning, the building will happen, we will get a building, don’t worry, but at this point, even I had my doubts. Then, in the eleventh hour, PHS offered us their old high school gym. Was it perfect? Of course not, so big, the sound would nbot be perfect, what about child care, there were a host of questions, but it was a home. It was at that moment I realized, this is not ours, this is Gods. Sure I had been saying that, but it was so unbelievably clear to me then.
It all hit me. No matter how hard we work, how much we do, we are just four amateur church planters. None of us have done this before, and thank goodness it isnt up to us whether or not Revolution is a success. This is God’s church, for His kingdom. I have no doubts that finding a home for Revolution was merely the first bump in the road, and that there will be many more to come. THe bible is clear in the fact that there is spiritual warfare in this world, if we continue to bring the gospel to Portsmouth, I have no doubt that satan will begin to turn up the heat on us (pun intended). We welcome the next bump in the road, because it is then we can be assured that we are doing the work of the Lord. 
The time is now, the bar has been set high, the goal, take the gospel to our city. I pray you will come and help us fight for our city on Sunday night.
Justin Clark – Revolution Leadership Team

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