If You’re There, We Are Here

It’s been quite busy on the Revolution front, so busy that I almost forget to stop and breathe. I started looking through some old emails of the initial stages and I found this. It really grounded me. Maybe some of you are in this spot, maybe some of you have already been there. 





“I started to make a list for what I want out of this 20something experiment. Man God just crushed me I have been so arrogant and prideful. All people want is true acceptance to know they mean something to someone, not great Rock music or excellent presentations. They want their life to count. We try to find that in friends, wives, work, music, sports, bars…How frustrating it has to be for God to watch us wander around every avenue but Jesus. “

If you’re there, we are here. The Revolution is growing, Come check it out Sunday 7:00 p.m. Old PHS Gym

By Ryan Rolfe, Revolution Worship Pastor and Leadership Team Member.


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