Marketing Church

how do we market the church? what a funny phrase, market the church? do we market the church like it is the latest greatest product for sale in your local grocery store? and if so, why? what are we even advertising when we are marketing the church? a service? a group of people (after all isnt the church really it’s people?)

these questions comes to my mind as we think about/discuss/work on ideas to get the word out about Revolution. i think to myself, what are we trying to “sell”? are we selling the next cool church service in town? are we selling a place where people can come to feel good about themselves? what are we actually trying to accomplish?

the goal is truly to introduce people to the greatest story in the world. a story about love. sacrifice. compassion. and hope. a story about a man named Jesus. who is not the next latest greatest item available in the religious supermarket. He IS our time tested, never failing Saviour. he wont go away when the next best thing comes along. eventhough some of his followers will. he is never waivering. always there. HE is what we are selling.

the beauty of it is this. while i realize that it is a necessary evil to try to come up with catchy one liners, cool logos, great marketing startegies, in order to get the word out about Revolution, the best marketing we can do is tell OUR stories. because Jesus has made a difference in the lives of each and every one of us. He has left his mark on our lives. telling someone the story of Jesus is the best marketing we can do. because after all, while Revolution is a vehicle to share this great truth with the world. it is not the product we are trying to sell. JESUS is.


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