Revolution By The Numbers

Now that we’ve completed our first three weeks, I’ve been able to put together a beginning “snapshot” of Revolution’s attendance and age group make-up to this point. For reasons of simplicity, I’ve broken down our attendees into just four distinct groups: “children”, “16-29 age group”, “30-40 age group”, and the “over 40 age group”. Bear in mind that even though Revolution is committed to reaching non-Christians across all age ranges, we’ve made it our particular mission to target the people in the 18-29 age range – which is, by far, the least likely group (especially the guys) to attend any church.

Our three week average (percentage-wise) for each of the four age categories has been:

                   Children: 9.5%                30-40 group: 15.5%

                   16-29 group: 61%         over 40 group: 14%

With nearly two-thirds of our congregation being comprised of 16-29 year olds, it appears that we’ve done a fairly good job of attracting our target age group so far. Even more encouraging is the fact that the percentage of 16-29 year olds has been trending UPWARD, comprising 68.33% of our total attendance this past Sunday evening. What is particularly surprising to me is the fact that the 16-29 group is almost evenly split between males & females (47.5%-male, 52.5%-female). It’s supposed to be unheard of for a congregation to have as many males as females, especially in that age group. In fact, overall, Revolution has had slightly more males in attendance (51.5%) than females (48.5%). A church with more males than females is as rarely seen as Bigfoot and the Lochness monster!

While this is all good news, there is still much work to be done, to say the least. While our age “balance” is good, we’re only a small congregation – just beginning – and need to stay vigilant & persistent in reaching out to people of all ages. Likewise, we need to stay vigilant in making sure that the people who regularly attend Revolution are actually growing as mature followers of King Jesus, not just filling seats. We’re off to a strong start. May God keep the fire burning inside us and the wind at our back!


Post by: Eron Elswick, Leadership Team



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