Giving: One Chili-Cheese Burrito At A Time

Since I used last week’s blog post to talk about Revolution’s attendance trends, I thought it would be fitting to spend this week detailing our financial trends. The “good news” is that the numbers we’re dealing with are so small that we haven’t had to purchase expensive computer software (or even a calculator, for that matter) to keep track of our income. Obviously, that also happens to be the bad news.

For the first four weeks of Revolution, the average amount each person (not including children) has contributed is $1.27 per week [no, that’s not a misprint or misplaced decimal point]. Actually, that’s a fairly impressive amount compared to this past weekend’s average contribution of $0.51 per person.

Obviously, setting up shop in one of the poorest areas of the state in the midst of a recession and devoting most of your energies to reaching out to college students who have large student loans and no jobs isn’t the greatest way to establish a financially prosperous church. However, we didn’t put Revolution where we did because we think it has favorable financial prospects. We put it where we did because we believe it has favorable Kingdom of God prospects – where the good news about Jesus most desperately needs heard. After all, when Jesus came to earth, he didn’t select prosperous, triumphant Rome as his headquarters; he chose impoverished, beaten-down Galilee. From the beginning, we wanted Revolution to be centered in the place where the spiritual conditions are the gloomiest, not where the financial conditions are the brightest.

Now, having said that, we certainly wouldn’t turn down a Brinks truck full of cash – in fact, we would put it to good use helping the neediest in our community and proclaiming the message of Jesus. However, for now, I’d just be satisfied if the people who call Revolution “home” would buy one less chili-cheese burrito the next time they drive through Taco Bell and use the extra change to help us double our weekly income!


Post By: Eron Elswick, Leadership Team


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