BMV Glam Shots


During the course of the recently-passed Thanksgiving Day, my brothers, brother-in-law and I got into a serious discussion concerning who has the worst driver’s license photo. [It’s one of those conversations you have when you get light-headed & giddy due to an overdose of turkey & gravy]. Naturally, this led to a public showing of the offending photos. Quite honestly, the pictures on display ranged anywhere from “Special-Needs Adult” to “Serial Killer” to “Serial Killer with Special-Needs”.

Not that any of us sitting around the table that afternoon are going to be mistaken for GQ cover models on our best days, but these pictures made us look like the “ugly ducklings” from a lost tribe of inbred Neanderthals. It’s like the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) camera magically magnified every facial flaw while simultaneously minimizing anything pleasing to the eyes. While most photography equipment is designed to “gloss over” & diminish flaws (so that the person in the photo will like the picture better), it seems like the BMV lighting & photographic equipment is intended to produce the most blemished portraits imaginable.

As much as we may not like it, the Bible provides a similar “service” for our hearts. It gives us a snapshot – a true picture – of our inner selves. It doesn’t gloss over our flaws or diminish them so that we like what we see (and therefore fail to repent & change). Rather, the Bible gives us a harsh, unvarnished look at all our flaws (wickedness) so that we’ll recognize our hideous condition and run to Jesus to receive his grace.


Post by: Eron Elswick, Leadership Team


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