“This is God. Testing…Testing…”


After Matt’s sermon this past Sunday evening where he made the point that meditating on God’s Word is one of our primary means of deepening our prayer life (i.e. “communication with God”), I went home and went to sleep, only to be awakened at exactly 2:51am by a very strange thought (or dream) that entered my head. The thought was this: What if scientists, in some freaky “sci fi”-like telecommunications experiment, accidentally stumbled upon the audible “voice” of God speaking to one of his followers on earth and managed to capture & record a few brief seconds of it?

Imagine the uproar & hype that would surround such a revelation! There would certainly be a two-hour live, primetime TV event – hosted by Geraldo Rivera, no doubt – in which the recording was played for the entire world to hear. And, truly, the whole world would come to a standstill to watch & listen. Virtually every religious person, agnostic person and atheist on earth would sit in rapt attention to hear the few brief seconds of God’s voice being played.

Now, what’s amazing is that the whole population of the world – believers & non-believers alike – would stop everything they’re doing simply to hear a momentary snippet of God’s voice recorded electronically. YET, Christians – “The Bible is the True Word of God” Christians – will barely pick up, let alone read, the very Bible which contains, not just a couple of seconds of God’s words, but hundreds & hundreds of hours worth of God’s words! We would give more credence to a few seconds of something on “modern technology” (thus more “scientific” and therefore “true”) than to 4,000 years worth of written, tested & lived testimony to the validity of God’s word recorded in the Bible. If we really believed the Bible contained God’s words by the thousands, I dare say we would treat it with at least as much enthusiasm as we would treat the playing of three seconds of God’s “voice”. But, generally, we half-believe it and just hedge our bets (and then wonder why our prayer life is “dry & boring”).


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


One response to ““This is God. Testing…Testing…”

  1. awesome service Sunday…it was so insightful!

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