What A Difference A Year Makes


It’s hard to believe but, at this time last year, Revolution didn’t even exist as an idea or concept, let alone as an actual church. In less than one year’s time, Revolution has gone from being a spark of an idea that God laid on the hearts of a few people; to a lit match of possibility among a core group of fifteen or twenty people; to a dimly burning candle of a small, beginning church; to a brightening (but still fragile) flame of enthusiastic young people ready to know & follow Jesus.

It’s impossible to know what God has in store for Revolution in the year ahead (and the years to come). Maybe the small, fragile flame will continue to grow & expand in ways that will glorify God beyond our hopes & expectations; or maybe the fragile flame will flicker and slowly go dim. It’s not for us to fret about God’s plans for Revolution. Our task is to be faithful and glorify God, come what may.

That being said, I have great hope for the future of Revolution. I’ve seen what God has accomplished through us in just a few short months and it makes me eager to see what He’ll do through us over the course of a full year’s time. The “Revolution” may have started, but I believe that we’ve barely begun to fight!


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


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