“International Eron Elswick Day”

Well, okay, I don’t think it’s actually an officially recognized holiday, at least not by any legitimate international organizations (not yet, anyway…). For some reason, the majority of my family & friends simply refer to it as my “birthday” (but I’m sure they’ll start using my preferred designation any year now…).

So what’s my birthday wish for this year? How about hoping that the people of Revolution will:

     Preach good news to the poor

                Teach and proclaim the good news that Jesus is the Christ (the King!).

                Give the hungry something to eat

                Give the thirsty something to drink

                Give clothes to the naked

                Look after the sick & dying

                Look after orphans and widows in their distress

                Love one another as God has loved us

                Live holy and godly lives…making every effort to be found spotless

                blameless and at peace with the Lord

[In other words, I want people of Revolution to party like it’s 30 AD]! Surely, that’s not too much to ask for my birthday…er, I mean, “International Eron Elswick Day”!


One response to ““International Eron Elswick Day”

  1. Happy International Eron Elswick Day!! With International Cera Brewer day just around the bend, you mind if I steal your thunder and steal your wish? Maybe if everybody stole that same wish….. we could change our little part of the world. Not by our power or anything we’ve really done…but just by allowing God to work through us, it’s hard to tell what He could do with it. Sweet!

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