Don’t Stop At Believing


When I was a senior in high school, a couple of my buddies (also seniors) were driving around one evening with an underclassman friend of ours tagging along in the back seat. They were cruising around talking & listening to music, with the underclassman just excited to be along for the ride. As they were approaching an intersection with an old, half-bent stop sign, the cassette tape (yes, I said “cassette tape” – I’m sure they can still be found in museums) in the car stereo began to act up & make a dreadful noise. As the car rolled to a complete stop, the driver said “Fix that!” (meaning the car’s tape player). At hearing this command, the kid in the back seat (not realizing the driver was referring to the tape player) immediately jumped out of the car and began trying to straighten up – fix – the bent stop sign! The boy obviously came off looking ridiculous that night, but you have to admire his zeal for following the instructions of his “superior”.

As we discussed the “Do” (“evangelism”) portion of our “Mission Training” Sunday night at Revolution, I got to thinking about “The Great Commission” in Matt. 28:18-20. This is where Jesus first instructs his disciples (and, by extension, all disciples throughout history) to “Do” (evangelism & discipleship). He begins his pronouncement by saying,” All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Notice that the command to “go and make…” follows directly after Jesus declares his authority. In other words, Jesus is saying, “I am all-powerful so you’d better do as I say and start making disciples of all nations”. It wasn’t a recommendation or plea or suggestion. It was: “I am the King, and this is the King’s decree (now get moving)!”

We would all do well to follow Jesus’ command to evangelize with the same kind of immediate obedience to orders that my underclassman friend displayed that night at the stop sign – even if we risk looking ridiculous in the process.


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


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