New Links

I’ve added several new links to this page (see links to the right). Under the “Christian History & Classics” heading I added a link to the Christian History Institute which contains a plethora of materials and information about the history of the Church and Christianity (which is awesome for geeks like me!).

Beneath the “Ministries” heading I have added a link to Matt Chandler audio downloads. Matt is the teaching pastor at “The Village Church” in Highland, Texas and is quite a gifted preacher. I also linked to The Gospel Coalition website which contains articles and sermons from many of the best evangelical preachers & scholars around today.

I created an entirely new category labeled “Online Christian Magazines”. Under it you will find links to: Boundless Webzine, Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal and Touchstone Magazine. All of these are well worth taking the time to browse through their current issues and archives of past articles.

Finally, under the “Resources” heading, you will find the following new links:, Navigators Audio Library, NETBible, Reasons to Believe, and TrueU. contains a wealth of Bible study materials and information. The Navigators site has downloadable talks from many of the greatest Christian writers & preachers of the last fifty years on up to today. The NETBible is an accurate, modern Bible translation that’s free to search online or even download to you computer. Reasons to Believe provides answers to many questions people have regarding science and faith. TrueU, while no longer adding new material, contains a treasure-trove of information dealing with the most common questions, problems & issues that young adults and college students deal with.


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


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