This Weekend at Revolution…

We are taking it up a notch!

We will begin our study of the Gospel of John with Chapter 1, verse 1 through 18.

New ESV Bibles will be in every chair and you can take one home if you so wish.

After the sermon, Ryan Rolfe will lead the World’s Most Dangerous Praise Band in worship.

Coffee & Community at 6:30. Service begins at 7:00.

Revolution meets every Sunday Night at the old PHS Gym on 8th & Waller Street in Portsmouth.

Everyone is welcome to come as they are. Hope to see you there.

Grace and Peace.

Posted by Matt, member of the Revolution Leadership Team.

Revolution Church–Worship, Grow, Serve.


One response to “This Weekend at Revolution…

  1. So tonight was pretty much amazing. Kudos for having bibles everywhere. I’m such a slacker! I used to carry mine every time the church doors were open but have gotten out of practice. It was nice to have one there to flip through. Who knows, maybe it’ll help me get back in practice. 🙂

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