Darth Vader’s Housekeeper




Last night, as happens several times each week, my seven-year-old son came up to me carrying two plastic light sabers in his hands and said, “Let’s play ‘Star Wars’.” After I agreed, he said “I’ll be Darth Vader.” [Don’t ask me why a 7 year old would rather play the role of the “Dark Lord” than Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan. I think I may be facing large counseling service bills in the future.]. After I was assigned the role of Count Dooku (yet another villain, mind you), my four-year-old daughter – who was standing next to me – piped up and said, “And I’ll be Darth Vader’s housekeeper!” This really struck me as funny: Darth Vader with a housekeeper. Though, after considering it for a moment, I decided that Darth really seems like the type that would have a rather messy home, with empty beer cans that he smashed against his helmet strewn about the floor.

So, “Darth” and I began to go at it with our light sabers. After a few thrusts, “parries” and reckless swipes with the sabers, the duel really began to heat up and was nearly to its climax when, suddenly, the “housekeeper” interrupted and said (in the sweetest voice imaginable), “um, Darth, it’s time for you to take your medication.”  My son stopped the battle, and in his best Vader voice, replied, “Well, uh, I suppose you’re right,” and then pretended that he was taking some medicine. (I would love to know what meds Darth was supposedly taking. Maybe it was a laxative – chronic constipation could account for his extreme irritability; but that’s a topic for another day…).

We quickly resumed our battle and, just as the fate of the galaxy was about to be decided, the “housekeeper” interrupted once again and informed “Lord Vader” that it was time to “clean up his dinner mess”. “Darth” hung his head and pretended to clean up his dishes like a pouting schoolboy. [Then he jumped back into action, grabbed my light saber off the floor and cut off my head with a sweet double-saber maneuver. My winless streak in Jedi battles continues.].

I chuckled about that episode the rest of the evening. The scenario was just so absurd: The evil “Dark Lord” of the galaxy interacting with a sweet-natured housekeeper reminiscent of Alice from “The Brady Bunch”. The two things just don’t go together.

This is the kind of extreme contrast that is supposed to exist between a Christian and evil or “darkness”. Christians are intended to be so polar opposite to the evil around them that the incongruity is shocking (and hopefully makes people ask “Why?”). 

For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial (Satan)?… What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? (2 Cor 6:14,16a)

This side of eternity, we may not reach such a level of holiness that we look as out of place in the presence of evil as a housekeeper would look in Darth Vader’s bachelor pad, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t at least strive for that goal.


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


3 responses to “Darth Vader’s Housekeeper

  1. ok…so I’m thinking that this was my favorite blog you’ve ever written to date. Not only was it extremely amusing and really cute (Heck yea, Darth Vader has to have a sweet little housekeeper to keep him in line somewhat so that he’s got his strength to be the villian!) but it made me think about some stuff in my own life. 🙂

  2. Interesting… gotta love Grant

  3. Thanks, Eron, I really appreciated this one. And it really has me thinking–am I so polar opposite from the darkness that surrounds me that people are asking why? What a great goal to have!

    Oh, and can Grant and I have a Jedi fight sometime?? 🙂

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