“Elect” to Stay On Task

Reading bedtime stories to my younger son is equal parts entertainment and frustration. He tends to be a bit of a motor mouth (an understatement of epic proportions) and asks multiple, unrelated questions about EVERYTHING. Trying to read even a single sentence to him will usually go something like this:


Me: “…and the prince and princess rode off into the sunset on a white stallion.”

Grant: Why was it a white stallion?

Me: Because that’s the color of the horse that the prince owned.

Grant: What if horses were made of metal?

Me: Then they would have ridden on a metal horse.

Grant: What if roads didn’t exist?

Me: Then they would have traveled through a field.

Grant: Wouldn’t the sun hurt their eyes?

Me: They probably wouldn’t look directly at it.

Grant: How hot is the sun? I bet it’s like 5 million bottles of Tabasco sauce…


Mind you, that’s just one sentence. He’ll keep that up for an entire chapter or book. I usually end up so exasperated that I blurt out, “Look, the point is that the prince & princess end up together and live happily ever after! Can we move on now?” I mean, taken individually, those are somewhat interesting or unique questions, but when they’re strung together like that it prevents any progress from being made in a story.

I think that’s generally how most discussions of “Election” (which Matt touched upon last Sunday) tend to go down. There are all kinds of questions about predestination, freewill, man’s responsibility, etc… that are interesting and worthy of some discussion, but they tend to get strung together in such a way that the main point about election gets buried. We are elected to carry out our God-given mission in the world, to live holy lives and do good works (empowered by the Holy Spirit) so that God may be glorified. To get sidetracked on (typically) unanswerable questions serves only to prevent progress from being made in our particular mission in God’s ever-unfolding story. May we all strive to stay “on task”.


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


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