Theology Questions?

One of the great things about Revolution’s Mission Groups is that it gives people a chance to discuss theological issues without fear of condemnation.  Everyone can vent, question, challenge, etc.  However, many Revolution members have very serious theological questions that need to be addressed in some depth. 

I have a personal blog entitled Pastor Matt (you can find the link to the right) in which I have been working through Professor Wayne Grudem’s 1300 page Systematic Theology.  If you have a question then you may find the answer there.  If not then let me know. 

It is important to note that Revolution Church is broadly evangelical meaning that we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and, thus, the final authority for all theological issues.   You can disagree with Dr. Grudem and you can disagree with me (it’s okay to be wrong!…just kidding…kind of…) but it is important that you can back up any opinion with a reasonable interpretation of Scripture.

Feel free to click on over and join the conversation. 

God bless,

Posted by Matt, Revolution Leadership Team.

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