Where to Invest


During these crappy economics times, hanging out at Revolution with students and young adults just starting their careers has had a wonderful “grounding” effect on me. Most of my co-workers are near the middle or end of their working careers, so the precipitous drop in the stock market (and thus their 401-K accounts) has them either panicked or depressed (or a little of both). All week around the office I get to hear “encouraging” words about how we’re at the start of the 2nd Great Depression and that we’d better plant a huge garden, build chicken coops and give up on the thought of ever retiring. To varying degrees, TV news, the internet and newspapers are all preaching the same gloomy message, thus making it extremely hard to avoid feeling some measure of fear & anxiety. So it’s a welcome relief from the “misery mania” to go to Revolution and be surrounded by people who truly have no interest in the condition of the “Dow” & “NASDAQ” and don’t even have retirement on the radar screen. Instead, most of the young people at Rev seem to actually be far more interested in learning about Jesus and how to follow him more closely. What a novel concept: Desiring more of the true God rather than fearing the loss of a false god (money/security).

Thanks to all the “penniless soldiers” at Revolution for reminding me on a weekly basis that “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” but, rather, in his relationship to Jesus Christ.


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


One response to “Where to Invest

  1. As a penniless soldier, I probably worry more than I let on about the crappy economy. I agree, it’s nice to go to Revolution and have that chance to re-focus on what’s really important: Desiring God more than any of the junk the world has to offer.

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