Way To Go Revolution!

I think last Sunday’s worship service may have provided me with the highlight of my involvement with Revolution to this point. That may seem a strange thing to say when you consider that we had no heat (yet again), Matt came crawling into the service with virtually no voice & utterly exhausted from being on the road all week, and the Praise Band – which was comprised of a new combo of musicians – had to scramble around at the last minute to get a bass player after a family emergency popped up. Interestingly, the gym seemed much warmer than past weeks, Matt’s sermon was quite good (though he probably doesn’t even remember preaching it), and Jeremy & the rest of the guys put on a great set of music.

However, none of that is what made the worship service so memorable for me. What made it so great was the extent to which our congregation stepped up to financially support the DeAtley’s mission work in Guinea, West Africa. On the night we declared that every single cent we collected would go toward taking the gospel to Guinea, we took in our largest offering ever! Think about it. Here we are, a financially poor church lacking many “comforts” (such as heat!). Our people would have plenty of justification to “keep back” some money to buy things to benefit our own congregation. Instead, the people of Revolution gave more generously than ever before in order to benefit people on the other side of the globe – people we’ve never even met, nor likely will meet. It was a clear sign to me that the people of Revolution are far more concerned with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world than they are about being pampered at their home church (Hallelujah!).

What was especially heart-warming for me was seeing all the one dollar bills that were given. (There were two or three times as many one dollar bills as there were all other denominations combined). Usually church leaders weep & wail when they see a lot of one dollar bills (because it means a low offering for the week). I was thrilled beyond words because I know it means that a whole bunch of our poor, jobless high school & college students pitched in to help. The people with the least to give still found a way to contribute something, if only a single dollar. It was a wonderful thing to witness and makes me feel truly blessed to be a part of Revolution!


Eron Elswick

Worship – Grow – Serve


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