Women and the Ministry

Over the next few weeks at Revolution we will be discussing the question of women and ministry. We will focus our attention on 1 Timothy 2:8-15.

This coming Sunday, I will preach a sermon on this text from an egalitarian position (i.e., that women may serve in any and all ministry positions) and then the next week I will preach on the same text from a complimentarian position (i.e., that women may serve in any ministry position save elder/teaching pastor).

The next Sunday (June 7), we will openly discuss the pros and cons of each position and will elicit your feedback.

 The Leadership Team will then vote on and present its decision on June 14. This is obviously a contentious issue with strong feelings on each side.

I hope that all those who are or want to be part of the mission of Revolution will attend each and every session so that they may intelligently submit their feedback to the Leadership Team. We also covet your prayers during this exciting but stressful time.

Grace and peace.

Posted by Matt, Revolution Leadership Team

Revolution: Worship-Grow-Serve


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