Is This Reality?


I guess it is official. We are all self absorbed in our own reality. I thought reality TV was a fad. I figured it would pass (pretty obvious why I’m not a network exec.) So there I was suckered into the Jon and Kate “announcement” last night. After foreboding it the first go round, watching the ever exciting “The crumbling of America’s transit system”.  They re-aired the episode and hooked me. It could quite possibly be one of the most eye opening things I have seen.  I guess if you want reality this is it. It was gut wrenching poignant when observing from a sociological perspective. From an outside view of the show it seemed self got in the way of what love really is, and unfortunately that reality we can watch play out everyday. Our reality TV now resembles our own reality! It makes you wonder if we will ever get it.  Will we ever understand that our communities and families need us to be involved and engaged in the people around us? To me, this was a baffling earmark of where and what our society has become. It’s as clear as ever we need unselfish love. Love we can’t understand because we have rarely seen it. As Revolution’s focus shifts back to loving the community and away from the “show” , it’s painfully obvious the magnitude of the mission.  Once upon a time “let’s start a revolution” was fun and exciting, now the need is so great that it requires resolve and faith.  We are beginning a mission that only God can start and finish.  Let’s hope He will provide the strength, endurance, and wisdom to carry us through. So with opened eyes, let’s start a revolution.

 Ryan Rolfe


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  1. Let’s roll…

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