This Sunday Night at Revolution…

We continue our walk through the Gospel of John with a sermon entitled “Kanye West was Right about One Thing.”

After the sermon, Ryan Rolfe & The World’s Most Dangerous Praise Band will lead us in worship.

Revolution meets every Sunday night at 315 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. There is plenty of parking in the municipal lot behind Rev HQ.

Coffee & Community at 6:30 and worship at 7:00.

Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

Revolution: It’s Not A Church, It’s A Movement.


2 responses to “This Sunday Night at Revolution…

  1. I heard you speak at the Kayleigh benefit? how do i get saved? do you believe Jesus died for our sins and is returning to get his people one day? what you do is good,but works without faith??

  2. Valerie, Thanks for stopping by. We believe that a person is saved by turning away from a life of open rebellion against God and by declaring their beliefe in-, trust in- and loyalty to Jesus. We believe Jesus will return and fix His fallen creation. We do not believe in “works without faith.” but that faith produces works (how can one be loyal to Jesus and not seek to heal those who are hurting and that He loves?). However, we believe that people will often truly encounter Jesus among the least among us and that this will lead to faith.

    Again, thanks for stopping by.

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